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Virtual Assitants

Virtual assistance is needed more than ever as businesses turn to remote operations. Learn of the best remote softwares and services for you business.

As 2021 marches onward we see more and more requests for remote assitance and virtual assitant jobs have jumped. The requirements for the these jobs have also helped with laptop and desktop sales as more people work from their home offices or remote locations.

To note most of the softwares used today have been available for the last decade but due to the increased interest most of the following providers had to increase server capacity in order to meet the increased demand and bandwidth.

Rakuten Viber

These are the most popular thus far. With an increase in the usage of such softwares we also have major security concers. In order to rectify the concers we create solutions by which all interactions occur in a virtual environment so that even if a breach were to occur the data would not be lost. The most importat part here is the continues connection to the assistants in order for the daily operations of a business to continue unhindered.
In order to continue working like this many people have had to create virtual connections to their offices/businesses as a VPN is the most secure way to connect and stay connected. The major issues that plague the industry now are the low bandwidths available to end users and the down time expirienced as a result of high bandwidth usage during peak hours. In order to solve this issue many assistants use more than one internet provider with a wifi back up.
Within the next 5 years we will see more and more people working remotely as office space becomes religated to server space, office storage of data, back up office for hardware and relay points for meetings as many people will start to connect to each other which means that companies will only grow and so will the business they provide with the larger population of earth only becoming more and more available.

If you want to connect your business to your home or even to your workers that are in another location feel free to contact BardTech as we offer VPN, cloud platform connections and remote assitant setup packets that will improve the performance of you business. We also offer CRM integration.

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Web App development in 2021

Web Development has become the most popular as more people use mobile devices but what are Web Apps?

The internet has now become a wide pool full of content that is very difficult to sift through and many companies are starting to look elsewhere in regards to reaching their audience. As many of you have noticed while using your smart phones, many of the apps you have available also have websites. These apps are actually web apps that have been converted for use on the Android/IOS environment. These apps are part of the web app environment. Web apps are actually hosted on servers that are then linked to google and apple services in order for users to download them.

Web apps are developed using programming languages, libraries of known functions such as React and many other tools. React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook for the development of UI components. UI stands for user interface. Most app development is done locally on a programmers machine and then it is uploaded to a server, packaged and tested for use by customers, and once the app is seen to be ready it is released for use. Regular updates and maintenance of web apps is a requirement due to the libraries they use, the devices they are meant to run on and the platforms they are sold or hosted on.

In 2021 there are more security concerns in regards to the personal data of users then ever before, as all apps found on mobile platforms sift through the personal data located on the machine they are installed on. This basically means that if you are using an app on your phone it will request access to personal data, pictures and/or any other folder, location or setting. All of this data needs to be encrypted before being sent back to the app developer for review. The data collected is then used by the developer and third parties to better understand what the users need, want or could be offered as services or products in the future. Due to this many of these developers are required to update their securities, code and encryption on a regular basis by their platform providers such as google and apple. Google Android allows a bit of protection for the users when downloading apps from their store but this limitation could crack and many vulnerabilities could surface as most developers host their files on random servers that could be used maliciously as they are hosted on shared virtual environments. This is where proactive web development comes in. Proactive web development is basically where a developer will roll out a future update ahead of the release in order to be tested on a controlled environment before release to the public. This way any and all serious issues can be resolved and if anything is missed it can then be addressed quickly by a future update. This is the reason why your apps will regularly update and why you should always make sure to only use verified apps for your platform.

With applications there is no one size fits all solution as many use case scenarios occur on different devices. Developing a web app using libraries makes it much easier to delve into a project without the hassle on knowing all the requirements for every single device as the libraries standardize your code and application. The ease of use allows for faster development cycles and allows the programmers and designers to make innovations rather than concentrating on solving issues in regards to compatibility, security and speed of operation on different server equipment.

If you are interested in web development from websites to fully integrated applications that are cross platform compatible then you will most probably need to learn JAVA, PHP, MYSQL, javascript, python and C#. Though many languages can be used for web development these are the most popular. We do not consider HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to be languages but rather key components that imply structure to the nested elements such as text and images.

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