IT in Business

IT in Business

In business it has become customary to use the internet and computer equipment to perform daily tasks. It is hard to image a world where a computer, smart phone or tablet is not present at a conference, business meeting or training session. More over it has become part of every employees desk. Permanently have we become fixed to our technological tools that it is very difficult to image a world without these assets.

Even though technology has come to the point where you can set your computer to do certain, if not all, tasks remotely, automatically and proficiently we forget that the technology is only as good as the user handling it. Bard Tech strides to teach businesses to use technology as one would use a tool. Technology cannot and will not replace the requirement for a business to search for solutions to their problems. A computer cannot increase the revenue and the output of a product or service. A computer has to be given a command in order for it to post a result that had to be requested. For example, an accountant needs to find and analyze the quarterly earnings in order to pay taxes, re-evaluate investments, procure credits for future business growth and the such. The accountant uses a software solution to ease his/her assessments, his/her ability to use said software is where the speed of the work process starts. The said user must know what software exist and what to use much like a painter or construction worker would know their tools. Here at Bard Tech we search for the right solution for your business. Bard Tech evaluates the best and most efficient solution to a businesses problem. In this case we would evaluate your work process and then create the best possible solution and training in order for your business to grow.

Not all solutions are software related though. In some cases a business would require a hardware solution such as one in the growing logistics industry. A vehicle operator today is met with more than a few technological hurdles. As an example I will start with a truck driver who has a smart phone, a tablet for geo-positioning, dash cameras, hear/brake/truck sensors and an ELD (Electronic Logging Device used to log hours of service) device. The driver is required to drive the vehicle, assess road conditions, load and unload goods, secure said goods and vehicle while in long transit, prepare paper work for the truck/goods/permits, send updates to his dispatch unit and more. As you can see all of this could be done through one simple device yet the driver has more than 5 active drives in the cab. The trick here is not to make one device as there are always points of failure but to find a solution that would integrate all these through an API call to a custom based software solution that can then be placed on the tablet and or phone through an app. The driver would then only need one place to look at for any warnings and or requests for paper work. These are some of the types of solutions we offer at Bard Tech.

Maybe you have a small office of 20 employees and would like to give them more freedom to work from home or on the road. We can offer solutions that encompass a cloud based server with cloud based desktops for your employees. These solutions would allow you to clock them in and out, follow the work flow, share a link with them so all of you can work together in real time on a project and this would give you the freedom and security to keep your data in the cloud and backed-up in multiple locations in order to create redundancy.

For more information you can always contact Bard Tech to make direct and efficient solutions for your business needs.

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