Virtual Assitants

Virtual Assitants

As 2021 marches onward we see more and more requests for remote assitance and virtual assitant jobs have jumped. The requirements for the these jobs have also helped with laptop and desktop sales as more people work from their home offices or remote locations.

To note most of the softwares used today have been available for the last decade but due to the increased interest most of the following providers had to increase server capacity in order to meet the increased demand and bandwidth.

Rakuten Viber

These are the most popular thus far. With an increase in the usage of such softwares we also have major security concers. In order to rectify the concers we create solutions by which all interactions occur in a virtual environment so that even if a breach were to occur the data would not be lost. The most importat part here is the continues connection to the assistants in order for the daily operations of a business to continue unhindered.
In order to continue working like this many people have had to create virtual connections to their offices/businesses as a VPN is the most secure way to connect and stay connected. The major issues that plague the industry now are the low bandwidths available to end users and the down time expirienced as a result of high bandwidth usage during peak hours. In order to solve this issue many assistants use more than one internet provider with a wifi back up.
Within the next 5 years we will see more and more people working remotely as office space becomes religated to server space, office storage of data, back up office for hardware and relay points for meetings as many people will start to connect to each other which means that companies will only grow and so will the business they provide with the larger population of earth only becoming more and more available.

If you want to connect your business to your home or even to your workers that are in another location feel free to contact BardTech as we offer VPN, cloud platform connections and remote assitant setup packets that will improve the performance of you business. We also offer CRM integration.

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