Reasons why you should go for custom software development

Reasons why you should go for custom software development

Everyone relies on software to get their work done. Whether it is a spreadsheet program for accounting or a word-processor for documents, you use another parties software.

Some off-the-shelf platforms are partially customizable, are updated frequently and are economical; but many companies are realizing the benefits of the second option: custom-built software.

For example, in the early days of Bard Tech, we used some pre-existing software because it was affordable, easy to implement and convenient to obtain. Eventually, though, we realized that the lack of customization was hindering our business’ growth rate. So we decided to make our own technology platform that would suit our exact needs, and we have never looked back.
In some instances, a great custom platform can provide your company with an entirely new revenue stream.

A bespoke software helps to increase productivity by making the processes quick because now it is tailored - according to your business needs. You won’t have to spend time or change the way you conduct to adapt to the standardized software.

Easy integration
Does the commercial software you are using integrate with your current software? You can save this further investment by getting a custom software built and leverage integration with your other business applications.

As your organization grows, the business processes will become more complex. But, with custom software development, this is not an issue as you can scale your software accordingly. Therefore, this will save you from incurring costs on additional licensing or subscriptions for additional features.

Increased Security
Another advantage of bespoke software is that security is better than boxed software. This will make your software less susceptible to security issues.

Personalized Customer Experience (CX)
As CX is gaining traction, it is important to provide your customers with personalized experiences. With custom software, you can fill the void and address the unique needs and processes of your business.

Integrating Existing Authentication Platforms
A custom software can also be easily integrated with existing authentication platforms. This will give you greater control over users at different access levels, and also cut the hassle of memorizing more passwords.

Custom Software Design
With bespoke software, you can maintain consistency in appearance and different behavior patterns. Therefore, your software design can be customized according to your company style with no design limitations. Hence, you can maximize your business potential rather than conforming to the boxed software limitations.

Cut on Extra-Cost for Excess Features
Having a bespoke software means no extra spending on features and functionalities that you don’t need. This will also increase your business efficiency as you can focus on features required for your business rather than being confused.

In Conclusion...
Bard Tech can make custom software to fit your business needs. You will not have to worry about fitting your business model into a standard framework. So, leverage bespoke software to focus more on your companies growth by calling us today to schedule a consultation.

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