SEO Organic versus paid advertising

SEO Organic versus paid advertising

SEO Organic versus paid advertising

As someone who has been part of the IOT space for over twenty years I can firmly say that I have heard many abbreviations and hot key words. Among them were terms such as: "Best in Business", "Up your profits", "Automate", "Synergy" and many more. You might remember some of these as the top key words and phrases for googles search engine optimization. Back in the old days many tricks were used by "optimizers" in order to trick the algorithm into placing a webpage above other results for certain key words. Well those days are well and truly behind us as the little google algorithm got smarter, faster and trickier. I am amazed by what google has become but you will be required to organize around building your platform, application, website and/or program around someone else's business model or search engine. The amount of tools Google provides is amazing from android studio, console, Google app publishing but the Google search engine is pretty much stuck in its ways. The modern search engine sometimes seems as if its a built mold that would never fit you.

Fitting the Mold

In order for the social branch of the internet to accept you, you must in turn fit their standards. So why is it that a website such as or becomes popular. Try and search the following key words "online reviews" ( is what came to my mind) or "post short sentence" (twitter really fits this description). You will not find these websites among the results. The reason for their popularity is due to their function, desing and overall features. The reason they do not show up is due to competition, trickery and the google magic.

Google Magic

If you pay for google advertising you will skip the que and be handed top spot. I think that google advertising with some social presence on twitter, facebook and some other trivial social platform would give you the result you need. Organic search results are pretty much useless. You will spend many, many, many months trying to do what is necessary only to have google update their algorithm (the magic) and knock you out of a competitive spot. The reason for this is googles strategy that had been put into play since its inspection. The strategy ad revenue. Why would you build around another companies website? Why would that same company allow others to use its services for free? Why would they make it possible for anyone around the world to gain popularity, attention and a top spot for free? Google has made it their business to stay in business and they will make it necessary for companies to pay in order to stay in place. Can you afford to count on their platform in order to make a business work online?


Simply put organic search engine optimization is a myth. What some agencies offer is to utilize their back bone of links and social networks in order to be placed in a better position then you have now. Organic as a term means that you will be counting on your website content, your platforms domain name, your social presence, your blogs, your back links and an active presence. You will have to wait a very long time to see any changes and in some cases no changes will ever come.

Paid Advertising

You pay for your position. Very little work is involved and in most cases it costs less then SEO in both time and money.


Think over the fact that many popular platforms and websites did not need google in order to succeed. If anything google is their direct competition. Google is a wonderful tool but if you are building a business you will have to find a balance between an online presence and communication with your clients. If you believe that searches on the internet will end with someone calling you directly for work and services please make sure to do a little research. Many companies offer consultation in regards to possible standings on search engines and whether such action will benefit you. Google is not in the business of helping businesses, its sole purpose is to deliver results for key words. As such, the more content available for google to present to its users, the more money it can earn. It will never allow for static results as it wants to keep its search users engaged. Imagine you made continuous searches on and all the results were the same webpages. You would in turn look elsewhere. Remember that when you are looking to improve your SEO you are actually chasing after googles algorithm. You cannot win in this game. Its made so that you will have to pay.

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